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SKU: ZP-3022
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Size:  60ml


The ZERO SEALER is a quick drying yellow oxide isolator/sealer. The SEALER is supplied ready for use, therefore no thinners are required. Use Zero Paints Airbrush Cleaner equipment after use for cleaning.

This helps with colour bleed. e.g. Painting Red plastic with White or light colours, which have been known to bleed though the primer. Applying a coat of sealer acts as a colour block, before the primer.

Usage Notes:

Thoroughly clean and de-wax the old paint surface with a spirit wipe or suitable cleaner.
Shake/Stir well before use. Apply only one light, even coat is required, checking first that the air line is free of moisture as usual.
One light even coat of sealer will give a layer of approximately 10-20 microns. A airbrush pressure of 30 psi is required.
It will be totally  dry after approximately 1 hour at normal temperatures. Drying time is dependent on paint thickness, humidity and temperature.
The sealer should be overcoated with primer


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