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Etch 2 Pack Gloss Clearcoat System (2K Urethane)

Etch 2 Pack Gloss Clearcoat System (2K Urethane)

SKU: ZP-3038
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Etch - 2 Pack GLOSS Clearcoat System (2K Urethane) 220ml


This is perfect for applying to bare metal parts to always keep the shine, it stops them oxidizing and going dull over time


Ensure the metal surface is clean and dry, if in doubt wipe the surface with Anti-Silicone Degreaser / Panel Wipe - ZP-3027 . Apply 2 or more single coats of Lacquer alowing 5-10 mins between coats. If appling over decals, apply a few  light dust coats to seal the decals before appling wet coats. this has been tested on all the major model brands but please test YOURSELF on some scrap decals/model. A downloadable application guide  can be downloaded from


Pack Contents :

  • 1 x 100ml Diamond Finish Clear Coat (High Solid)  also known as Urethane or Polyurethane 
  • 1 x 60ml Hardener
  • 1 x 60ml Thinners


Mixing Ratio
100 Parts Clear, 50 Parts Hardener + 10% Thinners

(e.g. 20ml Clear, 10ml Hardener + 3ml Thinners).
Drying Times : Air Drying  at 20°C, Dust Free 30 Mins, Tack Free : 10-12 Hours, Thoroughly Dry : 48 Hours. Can be polished after 12 hours at 20 °C


ONLY MIX WHAT YOU NEED EACH TIME, once it's mixed it has a life of about 15/20 mins max then it has to be discarded.


Container may differ from that shown
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    Zero Paints

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